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The artist
Wolfgang M. Dehm
Portrait Wolfgang M. Dehm
An editorial  excerpt from GOLF  TIME, the magazine of the germanGolf association

corporate design concept for Bad Griesbach Golf Resort which was just as exemplary, receiving an international award. His works, part of which as facsimile, original graphics produced in a limited edition, have become, in the meantime, an insider's tip for the enthusiasts and connoisserurs.


New golf graphics show the artist's development into allegories around the golf theme. They are, high value facsimile-pigment proofs pulled on hand-made paper through which an almost original rendering is possible. Each design has an original hand-signature.


The work of Wolfgang M. Dehm needs open space. Suitable are residences, golf hotels, clubrooms, club restaurants but also firm-receptions offer the ideal ambience for the artist's golf impressions.


As long standing art director Dehm knows how to select the emphases in graphic design. The sport of golf with its various aspects is his inexhaustible source of ideas. The perceptive and empathic solutions found by the artist Dehm have already felt their resonance. The works rank with the best performance within the category golf-art available.



Wolfgang M. Dehm has not only as an artist heart-felt connections with the fascination of golf. His primary, creative impulses render an eye-catching portrayal of golf for us to see it in a new way. His large size works in airbrush technique show him as a wizzard of characterful formality and delicate colour schemes.

He has studied advertising art and commercial advertising with 12 years as an art director in leading English and American advertising agencies to form his creative expertise. The title side of the club magazine "GC Stuttgart-Solitude", which he conceived, was internationally renowned. He has successfully implemented an advertising and
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